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The PBCN Urban Councillor position has been in place since April of 1995 after the 1994 Band Custom Election Act was adopted by the Membership. Since that time, the urban office has grown from a small office space with little to no staff or budget. In the past two decades we have grown from that one office to the whole of Cottage 1 and many spaces with every office utilized by different departments and personnel. We are expanding as well with the new addition scheduled to be completed this spring. It will house the new Deschambault Lake Administration and Economic Development will take their old office.

The Urban Office provides a place for membership to come visit the Councillor but it also acts as place people can come to when in need of help and support. We provide members with photocopying, long distance or local calling, resume upgrades, emergency assistance, rides to and from hospitals, funeral assistance, and also a computer room where they can use several computers for work or browsing. It acts as a link between home reserves and the urban reality. Many new arrivals come to us to help with their situations and are helped or directed to places where they can receive support.

We would like to thank previous leaders for bringing the Urban Office to where it is today. If it wasn’t for their vision and dedication, our members would not have a place like this to call their own.

Previous Urban Councillors:

1995-2011 George A. Michelle
2011-2013 Kenny McCallum
2013-2015 Warren McCallum


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