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Poker Tournament
November 22, 2014

Chief's Saskatoon Urban Meeting
November 20, 2014

Wagon and Trail Ride
August 14, 2014

Wagon and Trail Ride
August 12, 2014

Urban Graduation Dinner
July 15, 2014

PBCN Urban Treaty Day fish fry!
June 13, 2014

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George Watson, Alvina Merasty, Keith Merasty, Pauline Clarke, Dwight McCallum.


Warren McCallumFirst of all, I want to thank those who came out to vote in the 2015 General Election. Without your support, we would be unable to continue to do what's right for our people and what's best for the Urban Membership, ninanaskimon. I thank my nominators for believing in me and our Elders for their guidance and continued support. I thank my wife and kids for allowing me the chance to once again represent the membership for the next 3 years. Without family backing, these steps we take as elected leaders of our communities are made harder not easier. There are many long hours and often days away from family and without them I would not be here.

I wish to say thanks also to the many people that have expressed their support to me in person and by email and calls and I want everyone to know that it is very much appreciated. To those who did not support me, I want to take this opportunity to ask for your input in the coming months and years as I believe in listening to other viewpoints and bringing people together rather than apart. The Urban Office needs all of its membership to work together or we fail together.

This is the 1st report to our membership outlining our activities this past spring and summer. I want to extend a thanks and gratitude to those who have helped us out with the endeavours we have initiated here at the Urban Office. From sports, cultural and community activities, these things are not possible without the support of the membership. The Mother's Day and Treaty Day events are an example of the community coming together to meet and greet.

As you are all aware, the funding we receive through our several sources are outlined in the attached 2015-2016 Urban Office Budget. Revenues are based on our population and although those funds are never enough, we are finding other ways to increase revenues to our office so that we can increase our level of support to you now and into the future. More and more people are coming to the cities for health, education or employment and we need to be able to help them out as much as is reasonable. I would like to thank you for your continued support and regular input about how to best serve our membership and I have taken great care to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our people.


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